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welcome to my space (InvertedBlondeGirl). I started my blog in 2019 as a means of escape and as a space to express myself. I was a new kid in a city far from home and different from what I was used to. I am easily enchanted by books, content creators and storytellers so; blogging was a new thing to try. I was influenced by my sister’s blog (jaygirlsquote) as it was the only blog I was reading at the time (filled with beautiful stories but yet so true to its core).

Before I ventured into blogging, I started off as a freelancer on Fiverr in 2017. It took me a while to figure out which services I could render on the platform as it offered services in multiple categories. After taking out time to evaluate the platform, i did my research and dug deep into my skills and, I ended up creating social media management, research writing, interview Q&A crafting, business strategy development gigs.

I loved working on the platform as it challenged me to constantly learn and do better with my skills, it also opened my eyes to a wider market and system flaws in freelancer organizations like Fiverr. This platform made me and broke me in ways that I didn’t think was possible, but I am most grateful for discovering my passion for business development on Fiverr.

Currently, I am a content creator, a becoming influencer, entrepreneur, business developer and conversationalist in Lagos, Nigeria. If you are looking for a person who combines multiple passions, keeps it minimal and yet simple in lifestyle, gives business tips/coaching services, a space to have honest conversations and bask in self-growth then, you are welcome to my space.
I’ll cover things from lifestyle, fashion, conversations, career, freelancing, good old business services/freelancing tips from my personal experience and skills accumulated over the years.

Find my services @gettitsorted

I created the platform GettItSorted to provide business development services and courses to business owners, startups, entrepreneurs and freelancers. I also provide online one-on-one business coaching/ freelance coaching sessions to enable you in building a business, a successful career and gain more clarity for personal growth. So, feel free to hit me up regarding business or freelancing @gettitsorted.

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